Bonus Construction

 This raw footage of the construction of the Bonus Nuclear Power Plant in Rincon, Puerto Rico, is from a 16mm early 1960s color film that was later captured on VHS tape from a projection screen, with no sound. Once rescued, It was digitally enhanced and preserved by the Rincon Online Archives. It shows the progress of the buildings, dome and interior of the plant. It also shows the delivery of the pre-fabricated components that were installed in the plant. Construction began in 1960 and had its first controlled nuclear chain reaction on April 13, 1964. In September 1965 it archived 50MW thermic (full power) and highest steam temperature (900°F/482°C). The reactor ended operations in June 1968. The reactor was decommissioned by the Puerto Rico Water Resources Authority between 1969 and 1970. Get more information about Bonus from the US Department of Energy website.

This video is about 16 minutes long. To avoid buffering stops, press play and pause the video for a minute or two after it begins.

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