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Rincon Puerto Rico 1896

First known photograph of Rincon, Puerto Rico - circa 1890

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 This non-commercial site, sponsored by Rincon-PR.com, is dedicated to preserve and share historic images, video and documents related to Rincon, Puerto Rico, for the enjoyment of its viewers. Many of the historical pictures that appear on this site are from the Aviles Family Collection, which contains over a thousand images that covers three generations of a Rincon family, dating back to the 1920's. 

 We begin with exclusive video and archival images of the construction and opening of the deactivated Rincon Nuclear Power Plant, known as Bonus (Boiling Nuclear Superheater). 

 We continue with a slideshow of the history of the first and present Rincon Lighthouse

 TV coverage of the 1968 World Surf Championship literally put Rincon on the map. It was first major surfing event covered by a major sports network.

 Surfing: The Early Years is preserved in rare old photos that show how the sport has changed in Rincon.    

 The Town Churches have undergone many changes since the the first one was constructed in the 1700s.

 The Amapola House Story is about three generations of a Rincon family, through the progress of their homestead. 

 Our latest addition is a slideshow of our Town Plaza from the 1890s to the present.

 We are carefully preparing many more items for the Rincon Online Archives that will soon be available on this website.

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